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I just saw your invoice and I have to say -- you guys don't charge enough for what you do!! Those invitations were a #%*!!! to stuff in the envelopes. Not to mention all the pain and suffering inflicted by our list. You and your staff are amazing. Well, I do know that the people who do the "real work" never get enough credit ....... You've bailed us out again. Thanks!

Elaine Murphy
Director of Communications & Events
Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute

Hi Jay. I just wanted to thank both you & George for your excellent handling of our Moffat Library newsletter. It went very smoothly & we believe we have sent our mailer to all of our residents. Thank you so much for working with us on our resident list. You made it so easy for us. Our next mailer won't be ready until around August, so I'll give you a call when we need your services again. You all did a terrific job! Thank you so much!

Carol McCrossen
Assistant Director
Moffat Library
Washingtonville, NY

Please pass on my thanks to the crew at D&D; George and Jay, etc. for a job well done. Very clean job, very quick and seamless.

Many thanks,
Susannah Devine
Chester, NY

I have used D&D Mailing Services for the past 6 or 7 years with great results. For years, I had used my own bulk permit and did my mailings in-house. What a hassle! I decided to give D&D Mailing Services a try. They did such a great job and they did it faster, better, and more cost effectively than I could do it myself. I would never do another mailing myself after having used D&D. Even when I give them an order at the very last minute, they get the job done and in the mail in record time! The team at D&D Mailing is friendly, courteous, and dependable. I highly recommend them....!

Dr. Nike Anne Taylor
Taylor Chiropractic
New Windsor, NY

Just wanted to write a note of thanks! I appreciate the quick and thorough service you provide for McBride Corporate Real Estate. Our marketing projects are quickly expedited. We purchase the list from D&D, you stuff the envelopes, you mail them at discounted postal rate and shortly our brochures and flyers are in the hands of our customers.
Thank you for helping us reach our goals!

Elizabeth M Rodrigues
Office Manager & Database Administrator
McBride Corporate Real Estate

I have been using D&D's mailing service for our client newsletters for
several years. Because we are a large law firm, our mailing list is
extensive. I found that by outsourcing these jobs to D&D we are saving
significant time and money.

Jennifer L. Schneider
Drake, Sommers, Loeb, Tarshis, Catania & Liberth, PLLC

D&D Mailing Services